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New PsychOdyssey OpEd: Response to “Definition of Insanity”

On Tuesday, April 1, The Wall Street Journal published an editorial criticizing the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (To view a copy of the editorial, click here.) PsychoOdyssey’s Tom Pyle wrote the following letter in response: As father … Continue reading

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New PsychOdyssey OpEd: What Is Recovery?

“Recovery” means many things to many people. It is a concept without a concensus.  Tennessee mental health advocate and consumer Larry Drain, blogging at Hopeworks Community, offers a wonderful reflection on his personal understanding of “recovery”. (Read it here.) But maybe … Continue reading

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New Testimony: PsychOdyssey on Psych Rehab, Medicaid, and New Jersey’s 2015 Budget

On March 12, 2014, PsychOdyssey’s Tom Pyle testified before the New Jersey State Assembly’s Budget Committee on the FY 2015 state budget proposed by Governor Chris Christie. Tom was representing the New Jersey Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, but spoke from his … Continue reading

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New Testimony WITH AUDIO: PsychOdyssey on Involuntary Outpatient Treatment

In 2009 New Jersey passed its “Gregory’s Law“, named for an 11 year old boy murdered by a man with untreated schizophrenia. Although signed by the Governor, the law has not been fully implemented. Only six counties have been able … Continue reading

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New at “Remember…”: 1938 Albert Eisenstaedt Photo Essay of Pilgrim State Hospital

Brentwood, NY, 1938: the Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital… From the archives of Life magazine comes a dramatic photo essay by legendary Life photographer Albert Eisenstaedt. Entitled Strangers to Reason: LIFE Inside a Psychiatric Hospital, 1938, the essay features twenty-six heart-wrenching … Continue reading

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Ethics: Is DSM-5 Compromised by Conflict of Interest?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Fifth Edition, aka “DSM-5″, was recently published to update the diagnostic descriptions and codes of psychiatry last put forth in DSM-IV. DSM-5′s new descriptions and codes will now measure symptoms more on a kind of … Continue reading

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New Blog: 1 Boring Old Man

According to Allen Frances, MD, chairman of the DSM IV Editorial Committee and now fierce critic of the newly issued DSM V), “Mickey Nardo, MD, represents all the psychiatrists in the trenches who have had more than enough of incompetent … Continue reading

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To This Day: Spoken word artist Shane Koyczan on the trauma of bullying

There is increasing interest and evidence in the possibility of trauma as a cause of psychiatric disability, or, more correctly stated, different mental states. Such an explanation seems logical, even as Organized Psychiatry clings to reductionist biogenetic notions of insufficient … Continue reading

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New Residential Treatment Facility: Colorado Recovery

Colorado Recovery (CR) provides adults with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or other serious mental illness, access to a community-based residential treatment facility, intensive outpatient treatment, and rehabilitation services. CR operates a residential treatment facility, Balsam House, in Boulder, Colorado. Its staff … Continue reading

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New Blog: Father Pete Earley reports on tragic tale of VA State Senator Deeds

Journalist Pete Earley is an ardent mental health advocate. A journalist and author, he has written 13 books, including 2007 Pulitzer Prize finalist Crazy: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness, an account about his exasperating struggles with the … Continue reading

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