High Seas, by Montague Dawson (British, 1985-1973)

PsychOdyssey.net is produced by PsychOdyssey Services to help families navigate the maelstrom of mental illness. It offers a framework for families to address such issues, and it creates content to educate, explain, and enable them to receive more thoroughly and expeditiously the support they need. PsychOdyssey Services enhances families’ understanding of and capacity for the oftimes rigid, siloed, insufficient, frustrating, exasperating and sometimes overwhelming complex of services and programs of The System to which their psychiatrically disabled loved ones are entitled.

See more about Psychodyssey’s mission here.

See more about Psychodyssey’s people here.


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  1. Jon Wonnell says:

    This is a great resource and has a lot of valuable information. I can imagine that once more people become aware of it and share their experience and wisdom, it will truly harness the power of the web. It will then become even more valuable.

    Good luck in building this enterprise!

  2. Great site! Wow! A lot here to explore.

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