Mercer County Prisons and Jails

New Jersey State Prison (formerly Trenton State Prison)

 P.O. Box 861
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
Mercer County
Administrator: Charles Warren
Population as of 8/7/09: 1,916

 NJSP operates two maximum security units and must provide a level of custodial supervision and control beyond that of any other state correctional facility. A multifaceted commitment to professional treatment services, such as education and social work, is a priority at the facility. The Bureau of State Use Industries/DEPTCOR operates bedding and clothing shops at the facility.

Visit the NJ Department of Corrections website here.

Read the 2010 Annual Report of the NJ Department of Corrections here.

Mercer County Correction Center (formerly Mercer County Jail)

Mercer County Correction Center
Warden Charles Ellis
PO Box 8068, Trenton, NJ 08650
(609) 583-3553 FAX 583-3560 24hr: 583-3545 or (609) 989-6901

The Mercer County Correction Center is located on Route 29 North in Hopewell Township. The facility is a short-term jail facility that confines both men and women and has bed space for 880 inmates with Minimum, Medium and Maximum-security classifications.

The population is comprised of those who have been convicted and sentenced by the Municipal or Superior Courts, as well as those who are pre-trial. State sentenced inmates are housed while awaiting transfer to State Prison, inmates with sentences up to 364 days or less serve their time at the Correction Center.

Inmates are provided with medical, social services and mental health services, as well as educational opportunities during their incarceration. Selected inmates may be ordered by the court or assigned by the Correction Center, as a form of restitution, to participate in community service projects such as the Superintendent Labor Assistance Program (SLAP). Inmates classified as minimum security may work on supervised details mowing grass, trash collection and painting at county operated facilities, including the Correction Center building and grounds.


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