Mercer County Government Entities

Mercer County Office of County Adjuster

The Office of County Adjuster is responsible for assisting in the cost of care and maintenance for indigent, mentally ill residents of Mercer County. The Office reviews all documents relating to patient admissions with regards to maintenance cost, confirms that Court orders are processed, ensures that patient residency requirements are investigated and certifies billing summaries that are calculated and processed on a client-by-client basis. In addition, the Office is law enforcement’s point of contact for confidential records and assists all Mercer County police departments by reviewing the involuntary psychiatric hospitalization history of any person applying for a gun permit.

Families of loved ones in Mercer County who are involuntarily committed will interact with the Office of County Adjuster, which manages the scheduling and notification process for legal hearings required for all who are involuntarily committed.

Mercer County Board of Social Services

In New Jersey, public assistance programs are federally funded, state supervised and county administered. County boards of social services are intergovernmental agencies accountable to all three levels of government. In calendar year 2002, MCBOSS provided services in response to more than 100,000 requests at a cost to Mercer County of $11.9 million. This county investment allows MCBOSS to access $215 million in state and federal funds. More than 8,000 families and individuals visit MCBOSS’ office or one of its outreach sites on a monthly basis to seek assistance in one of its thirty various programs.

To read MCBOSS’s publication about its services, Serving the Community, click here.

  Mercer County Division of Mental Health

The Mercer County Mental Health Division directly oversees County funded community mental health services. In conjunction with the State Division of Mental Health Services (NJ DMHS), the County Mental Health Administrator jointly oversees all State contracted community mental health services.

Partially funded through a State salary match, in addition to the co-administration role, the Administrator directs activities for the Mercer County Mental Health Board, a twelve member Board mandated by Statute and appointed by the County Executive to provide community based oversight and guidance for these services.

In addition to the activities of the Board, the Division convenes regular meetings of the Board’s Professional Advisory Committee. Also mandated by statute, the PAC meets regularly to share information and to provide a forum for improving collaboration and services for consumers and family members. Comprised of representatives of all State and County funded agencies plus others serving the population, e.g. Board of Social Services, City of Trenton, etc., current activities for the PAC include housing and vocational/employment needs.

In addition, the Board supports such other community activities as outreach to the local faith community through its Congregational Outreach Group and Public Awareness Activities through its Information Alliance. Working jointly with the County Division of Community and Senior Services’ Office of Addiction Services, the Division also sponsors a Task Force focused on the unique needs of consumers with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders.

The Mercer County Division of Mental Health publications include:

A Listing of Publicly Funded Community Mental Health Programs (in Mercer County, NJ)

Guide to Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents in Mercer County

Mercer County Office on Addiction Services

The Mercer County Office on Addiction Services is responsible for the planning, administration and coordination of alcohol and drug abuse services in the county. The Office is a unit of the Department of Human Services, Division of Community Health and Senior Services. In January of 1981, the Mercer County Alcoholism Advisory Committee  was established to advise the County Executive and the Board of Chosen Freeholders regarding the delivery of coordinated alcoholism services in Mercer County.

The following services are funded by the Office on Addiction Services:

Outpatient Services (Adult)

1.   Catholic Charities – Trenton

2.  Corner House – Princeton

3.  Family Guidance Center – Hamilton

4.  Mercer Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse – Trenton

5.  Rescue Mission – Trenton

6.  United Progress/Trenton Treatment Center – Trenton

Outpatient Services (Adolescent)

1.   Corner House – Princeton

2.  Family Guidance PRCC – Trenton

Detoxification Treatment (Adult)

1.   Maryville Inc. – Williamstown

2.  New Hope Foundation – Marlboro

Detoxification Treatment (Adolescent)

1.   Maryville Inc.-Williamstown

2.  New Hope Foundation – Marlboro

Residential Treatment Services (Adult)

1.   CURA – Newark

2.  Maryville Inc. – Williamstown

3.  New Hope Foundation – Marlboro

4.  Vince’s Place – Trenton

Residential Treatment Services (Adolescent)

1.   New Hope Foundation – Marlboro

Halfway House Services

1.   Crawford House – Skillman

2.  Freedom House – Glen Gardner

Transitional Housing

1.   Diane’s House – Trenton


1.   New Horizons Treatment Services – Trenton

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