NJ Mental Health Planning Council

Below are links to supporting materials for Council member Tom Pyle’s January 9, 2012 presentation to the NJ Mental Health Planning Council on “The Concept of Value in Mental Health Services”. The concepts are drawn from the work and ideas of Professors Michael Porter and Robert Kaplan of Harvard Business School, to whom full credit is accorded.

For those off site who would like to follow along on the telephone, the link will lead you to the PowerPoint presentation that will be shown during the talk.

Slide presentation: The Concept of Value in Mental Health Services

Supplemental reading:

 Kaplan, R. S., & Porter, M. E. (2011). How to solve the cost crisis in health care. [Article]. Harvard Business Review, 89(9), 46-64.

Porter, M. E. (2010). What is value in health care? New England Journal of Medicine, 363(26), 2477-2481. doi: doi:10.1056/NEJMp1011024

Pyle, T. H. (2012). Value: A better measure for health care and mental health services. Unpublished paper.


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