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Hello. We’re new. We’re under construction. But we’re underway.

We’re PsychOdyssey Services, 20 Nassau Street, Suite 232, Princeton, NJ 08542, t.: 609-658-2008. See below what we are up to. Click around to our new pages. Bear with us where we’re not yet complete. There’s yet more coming soon.


Mental illness shreds families. The onset of mental illness in a loved one is usually deeply traumatizing not only to the afflicted, but also to their family members. Beyond the emotional devastation are the frustrations of encounters with the by-products of mental illness, such as social stigma, financial ruination, bureaucratic institutions, and legal problems.


Families battling mental illness are caught in a maelstrom. They are greatly isolated and in vast need of more support. They need more understanding of the nature of what has befallen them. They need more knowledge of the various services available to them. They need more help navigating the sometimes exasperating shoals of policies, procedures, programs and professionals which too often conflict or frustrate or underserve.

Psychodyssey.net is a project of PsychOdyssey Services. It is to be a comprehensive website organizing content, information, blogs, links, and other psycho-education resources,  including archived programs from PsychOdyssey TV—all to be catalogued in an easy-to-access framework of the Aspects of Need served by “The System”. [Note: Learn about The System at PsychOdyssey Academy.]

Helping Families Navigate The Maelstrom: The PsychOdyssey Mission

PsychOdyssey TV, produced by PsychOdyssey Services, will be a 30 minute teach-and-talk TV program on Princeton Community Television (PCTV 30 on Comcast; channel 46 on Verizon Fios) featuring resource experts serving all the Aspects of Need of psychiatrically disabled loved ones and families when navigating The System, e.g., “Medical”, “Psychiatric”, “Financial”, “Functional”, “Legal”, “Residential”, “Occupational”, “Educational”, “Political”, “Recrea-tional”, “Cultural”, “Mobile”, Social”, “Emotional”, and “Spiritual”.

Keeping Body and Soul Together: Helping Families Survive Their PsychOdysseys

PsychOdyssey Services intends to help families navigate the maelstrom. It will organize a framework for families to address such issues, then produce content to educate, explain, and enable them to receive more thoroughly and expeditiously the support they need. Organizing as a 501(c)3 non-profit entity, PsychOdyssey Services will enhance their understanding of and capacity for the oftimes rigid, siloed, insufficient, frustrating, exasperating and sometimes overwhelming complex of services and programs of The System to which their psychiatrically disabled loved ones are entitled. Its founder is Tom Pyle of Princeton, NJ, a banker, businessman, and non profit executive who with his own afflicted family has learned how to navigate the maelstrom.

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