Join PsychOdyssey for NAMI Mercer’s 2013 Walk!

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Join PsychOdyssey in supporting NAMI Mercer’s 2013 walk! Here’s an invitation from PsychOdyssey’s Tom Pyle:

Five years ago, mental illness nearly sank my family. Good thing we found NAMI Mercer early. NAMI gave us first knowledge, then contacts, then help, then confidence to brave the storm. Once connected, we never sailed alone. NAMI Mercer became emotional ballast that helped us right out ship.

NAMI Walk Intro Video

Though still our seas may surge, all is better now. NAMI taught us how to navigate the maelstrom. With NAMI’s help, now our sails are trimmed, our ship is strong, our hand is steady, and our sights are set. Though our odyssey is long, we are homeward bound in hope to a full recovery!

We never forget how hard it was—and how hard it is still for all who still suffer the storm alone. Never too old and never too late, to help others learn the ropes yet faster and better, on May 22 I will receive a new academic degree, an M.S. in Psychiatric Rehabilitation–and I am dedicating it to NAMI Mercer’s 2013 NAMI Walk.

So better to help the next family, we must keep NAMI strong. Please walk with me in person or in spirit. Please help me re-provision NAMI Mercer, an essential, effective, and indispensable community service enterprise. NAMI Mercer’s 2013 Walk is NAMI Mercer’s major yearly friending and funding exercise. Please co-sponsor my walk with, if you can, a robust contribution.  It’s a good investment: NAMI helps so many families, as it has helped mine, to conquer mental illness.

For this Walk my personal goal is broad, deep, and quick… All 5s: in 5 days, at least 50 sponsors collectively for at least $5000 to sponsor my 5k walk! Can you help me get there? Can you be a “fiver” for me?

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Glenn Close Teams Up with NAMI Walks

No one would wish a mental illness on anyone, to be sure. Yet, strange to say, it can have its silver linings. It can be an emotional firestorm, without a doubt. Yet, as fire tempers steel, so can the experience of mental illness temper a family’s soul, especially for the loved one who bears its cross.  NAMI plays a critical role in helping families steel themselves so to be better for their loved ones in need. NAMI helps transform the maelstrom from an inexplicable burden to, hard to believe, even an inimitable blessing. NAMI is a critical organization doing critical work.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your support.


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P.S. Donations after the actual walk date (May 19) are A-OK, too.

[Sponsor Tom’s walk with a donation here.]


Tom Pyle: Why I Walk

Inspiration: Bring Change 2 Life’s “One Man Army”

 [Sponsor Tom’s walk with a donation here.]

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