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Welcome to PsychOdyssey Academy!

Families navigating the maelstrom need more support by way of instruction. PsychOdyssey Academy offers topic reviews, essays, mini lectures, learning summaries and “courses” to help them hone their piloting skills. Here is our course catalogue at present:

PsychOdyssey 101: “The System”

An individual stricken with a mental illness needs help. Help can come from many sources. All of them constitute “The System”, which offers benefits, but also presents distinct and sometimes exasperating challenges. Learn how “The System” appears to one family member in the maelstrom.

PsychOdyssey 300: The Family Role in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

 For a joint degree undergraduate program at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and Kean University, PsychOdyssey’s Tom Pyle expanded and taught an 11 week course called The Family Role in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Topics covered include:

  • History and Perceptions
  • The Family Crisis Moment
  • Impact on Families and Providers
  • Special Topics (Grief, Trauma, Burden, Stigma)
  • Family Support and Treatment Modalities
  • Family Advocacy

The course draws from an extensive list of references in the academic literature about the family experience. PsychOdyssey Academy is pleased to add this major course to its catalog.

PsychOdyssey 320: History of Psychiatric Rehabilitation: Selected Topics

The field of Psychiatric Rehabilitation may only be newly evolved, but the world of mental illness in which it serves extends to the beginning of time. This course will describe the arc of mental illness history and highlight its advances and setbacks. It will also focus on the past and present heroes of psychiatric rehabilitation, such as Dr. Benjamin Rush, Philippe Pinel, Antonin Artaud, Dorothea Dix, Franco Basaglia, Patricia Deegan, and Judi Chamberlin.

PsychOdyssey 340: Medicaid, Medicare, and the Dual Eligible

 Those with psychiatric disabilities who are beneficiaries of both Medicare and Medicaid are part of a cohort of 8 million Americans called “dual eligibles”. With epic changes afoot in Medicare and Medicaid, the physical health care service delivery system for dual eligibles will change from a fee-for-service model to a managed care organization model. Soon thereafter, their behavioral health service delivery model may follow suite. To prepare loved ones with psychiatric disabilities and their family members and friends for the changes, PsychOdyssey Academy presents this tightly focused course on the specific changes coming for dual eligibles.

PsychOdyssey 350: Compulsory Treatment

One of the vexing issues in psychiatric rehabilitation today is compulsory treatment. This mini-course looks at the issue from all sides and asks students to think carefully about this critical issue. Especially parents with loved ones with anosognosia are encouraged to consider and consolidate their views on this subject. Be it hospitalization, outpatient services, or medications compliance, should a parent support or oppose a court ordering their child to receive mandatory treatment?

PsychOdyssey 360: Multifamily Groups

Multifamily group treatment (MFGT) is an evidence-based modality for helping individuals and their families navigate the maelstrom of mental illness, particularly schizophrenia. Integrating psychoeducation and behavior family  therapy in a multiple-family group format, multifamily group treatment was first pioneered in the 1960s. Since the 1990s it has evolved with a coherent theoretical model and empirical evidence for its effectiveness.The work of Dr. William McFarlane in particular has greatly contributed to the model’s refinement and acceptance.

PsychOdyssey 450: Selected Topics in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

This PsychOdyssey Academy course feature specials topics in the field of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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  1. C. Strie says:

    Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

  2. Jack Gardner says:

    My friends at Laurel House connected me with the video interview that you did with Robin. He’s a great guy, and a strong proponent for Clubhouse… Congratulations on PsychOdyssey. It is a useful forum for information and exchange of ideas. I particularly enjoyed your diagram of the “System”.

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