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Progressive Center for Independent Living, Inc.

Progressive Center for Independent Living is a Center for Independent Living (CIL). CILs are private, not-for-profit organizations that work with people with all disabilities to advance their independence.  CILs are not places where people live, instead they are centers of action and coalition.  Each CIL promotes the Independent Living movement, they work to empower people to take charge of their own lives.  CILs provide services that promote leadership, empowerment, independence, and productivity of people with disabilities.  CILs work within communities to remove barriers and change attitudes towards independence. Fifty One percent or greater of the people serving on each CIL Board of Directors as well as the majority of staff are people with disabilities.

Weiss Law, LLC

Attorney Nina Weiss, Guardianship Law specialist and owner, Weiss Law LLC.

Attorney Nina Weiss, Guardianship Law specialist and owner, Weiss Law LLC.

Guardianship is a delicate and difficult legal subject that families in the maelstrom need to understand in the remote event that they need to apply it. Guardianship law is complex and requires specialized knowledge and expertise.

Attorney Nina Weiss has been a guardianship lawyer in central New Jersey for nearly 20 years.  She began her career at the New Jersey Office of the Public Guardian. As a guardianship lawyer, Ms. Weiss addresses the significant legal and medical concerns involved in determining a loved one’s capacity to manage his or her own affairs. Whether for parents of those with developmental disabilities turning 18 or for adult children of aging parents descending into dementia, a guardianship lawyer can help them navigate vexing legal problems.

For an individual without capacity to manage his or her affairs, the New Jersey Guardianship Statute states that a court may appoint a general guardian to exercise all rights and powers for the incapacitated person. The need for a guardian must be proven by clear and convincing evidence, a high legal burden.  For individuals able to make at least some decisions, the Statute also allows for the appointment of a limited guardian.

The New Jersey Guardianship Statute also allows for temporary guardianship.  A temporary guardian can be appointed when the physical or mental health, safety and well-being of a person may be jeopardized, where property may be wasted, dissipated, or misappropriated, or appointment of a temporary guardian may be in the person’s best interest.

In addition to guardianship law, Weiss Law LLC also handles can also special needs trusts, estate planning, conservatorships, will disputes, fiduciary services and mediation.

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