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California Association of Mental Patients Rights Advocates

California Association of Mental Health Patients’ Rights Advocates is a membership organization working to promote public policy furthering the rights and well-being of mental health consumers.

  • Provides support to county patients’ rights advocates;
  • Works to promote public policy that protects the rights and well being of mental health consumers;
  • Promotes the empowerment of mental health consumers;
  • Promotes professional and ethical standards among advocates;
  • Promotes training for advocates;
  • Serves as a forum for networking and information sharing among advocates; and
  • Keeps advocates up-to-date with current advocacy efforts.

California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies (CASRA)

CASRA is a statewide organization of private, not-for-profit, public benefit corporations that service clients of the California public mental health system.  Member agencies provide a variety of services that serve to enhance the quality of life and community participation of youth, adults and older adults living with challenging mental health issues. Such services include: advocacy and service coordination; transitional and permanent housing;  crisis and transitional residential treatment;  outreach and engagement services; integrated mental health and drug and alcohol treatment; and services designed to support education and employment goals. CASRA is dedicated to improving services and social conditions for people with psychiatric disabilities by promoting their recovery, rehabilitation and rights.

International Mental Health Research Organization

When Shari and Garen Staglin’s son Brandon was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1990, they realized that advancements in scientific research were vital to understanding mental illness – and so they took action. With mental illness ranked as the number one cause of adult disability in America, affecting 1 in 5 adults, the mission of IMHRO (International Mental Health Research Organization) is to alleviate human suffering from mental illness by funding scientific research into causes, prevention and new treatments. The goal of research is to lead to cures, with a focus on schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and depression. To further this purpose, IMHRO:

  • Produces, supports, and builds awareness for fundraising events to raise money for mental health research
  • Directs funding to the most promising research by soliciting and selecting proposals in the area of prevention, treatment, and cure of mental disorders
  • Collaborates with affiliate organizations, people, and events worldwide to raise and direct funding—and minimize duplication of scientific effort
  • Works to build awareness of the scientific achievements and possibilities

UCLA Center for Research on Treatment and Rehabilitation of Psychosis


Yale Program of Recovery and Community Health

The Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health in New Haven, CT does collaborative research, evaluation, education, training, policy development, and consultation. It works to transform behavioral health programs, agencies, and systems to be culturally responsive and re-oriented to facilitating the recovery and social inclusion of the individuals, families, and communities they serve.The Program promotes the recovery, self-determination, and inclusion of people experiencing psychiatric disability, addiction, and discrimination through focusing on their strengths and the valuable contributions they have to make to their communities.


Project Great


Park Center, Inc.

Park Center is a private, nonprofit mental health center based in Fort Wayne, offering a full continuum of services. Its stated mission is to restore lives.  By partnering with consumers, it strives to support and facilitate their journey toward health. Park Center offers a person-centered treatment philosophy approach as it helps those in need reverse the impact of their mental illness.


Center for Psychiatric Research, Maine Medical Center

Under the direction of internationally recognized psychiatric researcher William R. McFarlane, M.D., the Center for Psychiatric Research, part of Maine Medical Center Research Institute and Spring Harbor Hospital, is participates in mental health research projects, many of which are unique not only in Maine, but also in the nation. The Center is currently implementing one of the nation’s first community-based early intervention programs for youth at risk for serious mental illness. The Portland Identification and Early Referral (PIER) Program is showing promising results in its ability to stem the progression of serious psychiatric symptoms and disability in young persons prior to the onset stage of their illness.


Advocates, Inc. (Framingham, MA)

Advocates’ mission is to help people achieve their hopes and dreams within the fabric of their communities. We partner with people with disabilities, elders, and those with other challenges to overcome personal obstacles and societal barriers so that they can obtain and keep homes, engage in work and other meaningful activities, and sustain satisfying relationships. We work to inspire communities to create opportunities for contribution and participation by all.

Alternatives Unlimited, Inc.

Alternatives is an agency aimed at improving the lives of persons with psychiatric or developmental disabilities. To accomplish our mission, we offer a wide range of superb residential and vocational services. These are designed to provide the skills and support each person needs to lead a satisfying and successful life in the setting of his or choice with maximum use of community networks.

Center for Mental Health Services Research (University of Massachusetts)

The Center for Mental Health Services Research conducts research to enhance services, improve the quality of life, and promote recovery for people with behavioral health conditions. Founded in 1993 as a Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Center of Excellence at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, we have internationally recognized expertise in program development, services research, quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as wellness, forensic/legal issues, child and family mental health issues, transitional youth, human rights issues, co-occurring disorders, and epidemiology. Our 19 faculty and 24 research staff are committed to translational research, and work closely with consumers, providers, family members, and administrators to design and conduct research, share findings, and disseminate information with the real world recipients of policies and services.

Consumer Quality Initiatives (a consumer run research and evaluation organization)

Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition

Vinfen Corporation

Vinfen is a private, nonprofit human services organization providing services to adults and children with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and behavioral health disabilities.

New Jersey

Community Health Law Project

Consumer Providers Association on New Jersey

The Consumer Provider Association  of New Jersey (CPANJ)—the first state-wide Affiliate of the National  Association of Peer Specialists (NAPS)—is a state network of mental health and co-occurring service providers who have also been consumers/survivors of mental health and co-occurring services.   We act as the organization which represents the needs of this  specialized workforce that provides recovery oriented support for those who are  seeking assistance.

Cumberland County Guidance Center

Cumberland County Guidance Center provides person centered, recovery focused mental health services to residents in a highly qualified, professional and compassionate environment. Located in Cumberland County, New Jersey, it offers a variety of programs and services to assist the community in successfully dealing with difficult times. Offices located in Millville, Bridgeton and Vineland.

Disability Rights New Jersey

Family Resource Network

With more than 50 programs and services available for New Jersey residents living with epilepsy, autism, developmental disabilities and chronic illness, The Family Resource Network (FRN) and its affiliates have been affecting lives of thousands of families across New Jersey for the past 41 years. FRN, originally known as the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, has been providing support services to individuals with special needs and their families since 1970. The Family Resource Network is a comprehensive family-focused umbrella organization designed to meet the growing need for community-based programs and services to individuals and families with a variety of disabilities through our four affiliate organizations (below). The Family Resource Network is a statewide organization with offices located in Brick, Parsippany, Trenton, Manasquan and Westmont. In 2011, FRN served 28,955 individuals in NJ.

Food Bank of New Jersey

Food Stamp Eligibility Screening Test

Health Care Association of New Jersey

Health Care Association of NJThe Health Care Association of New Jersey (HCANJ) is a non-profit trade association representing long term care providers (such as nursing homes) who believe that the individuals they serve are entitled to a supportive environment in which professional and compassionate care is delivered. This belief compels HCANJ and its members to advocate for individuals who, because of social needs, disability, trauma, or illness, require services provided in a long term care setting, while also advocating for the long term care provider community.

Healthcare Planning and Marketing Association of New Jersey

Healthcare Planning and Marketing Society of New Jersey

Healthcare Planning and Marketing Association of New JerseyThe Healthcare Planning and Marketing Society of New Jersey is the local chapter of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD). Started in 1979, HPMSNJ serves healthcare planning, marketing and public relations professionals in New Jersey and surrounding states.

Monarch Housing Associates

Monarch Housing AssociatesMonarch Housing Associates is a mission driven, results oriented New Jersey non-profit dedicated to providing housing for those in need. Its vision is that every person will have quality affordable, permanent housing that fosters freedom, independence and community integration. Its mission is to expand the supply, accessibility and variety of affordable, permanent supportive housing through development, planning, advocacy and partnerships. Monarch Housing assists consumers, providers and family organizations to develop, manage and operate permanent, affordable and supportive housing for persons with disabilities. This is accomplished by developing partnerships with public-private entities and the non-profit community.

New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies

New Jersey Comfort Partners

The New Jersey Comfort Partners Program is a free energy saving and energy education program for qualified low-income customers.  It partners with NJ homeowners to help save energy and money and make homes more energy efficient.  Certified Building Performance Institute contractors will install energy saving measures in homes at no charge to qualifying participants to help lower energy bills.  A private entity, NJ Comfort Partners is funded by New Jersey’s utility companies as a service to qualifying low income families.

New Jersey Community Resources

New Jersey Health Quality Institute

The Quality Institute’s purpose to  undertake objectives that will ensure that safety, quality, accountability, and  cost containment are all closely linked to the delivery of health care services  in New Jersey.

NJ Mental Health Cares

New Jersey Psychiatric Association

New Jersey Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

New Jersey Self Help Group Clearinghouse

New Jersey Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy

The Mission of the NJSHCA is to be the forerunner for the advancement of consumer advocacy by enriching the healthcare professionals who represent and advocate for New Jersey’s patients and healthcare consumers. This mission is achieved by creating a forum for healthcare consumer advocacy through:

    • Diversity in Education
    • Sharing of Information
    • Membership Support
    • Resource Conduit

As patient advocates, we bring patients’ needs to the center of healthcare while supporting ethical values such as truth, respect and dignity in a changing environment.

NewPoint Behavioral Health Care

For over 50 years NewPoint Behavioral Health Care has served the community of Gloucester County and offers over sixteen outpatient mental health programs to its residents. Incorporated in December 1957, NewPoint’s mission has evolved in providing services that help residents with mental illness to live and prosper in the community.

Rutgers Center for State Health Policy

Rutgers Center for State Health Policy informs, supports, and stimulates sound and creative state health policy in New Jersey and around the nation. CSHP provides impartial policy analysis, research, training, facilitation and consultation on important state health policy issues. Established in 1999 with substantial funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Center is a research unit within the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey

Turn A Frown Around Foundation

Turning Point

Based in Paterson, Turning Point is a leader in the field of alcohol and drug addiction treatment in New Jersey. Each year, more than 2,000 men and women get a chance to break free of their addiction at Turning Point.

UMDNJ’s Center for the Study and Promotion of Recovery from Severe Mental Illness

New York

Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University

The Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, Inc.

The Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, Inc. is the umbrella advocacy organization of New York’s behavioral health community, representing over 100 non-profit community based behavioral health agencies that serve more than 350,000 clients in the five boroughs of New York City and its environs. Founded in 1972, The Coalition is membership supported along with foundation and government funding for special purpose advocacy training and technical assistance projects.

New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

NYAPRS is a statewide coalition of people who use and/or provide recovery oriented community based mental services. NYAPRS is dedicated to improving services and social conditions for people with psychiatric disabilities or diagnoses, and those with trauma-related conditions by promoting their recovery, rehabilitation and rights so that all people can participate freely in the opportunities of society.

New York City Department of Community Affairs Office of Financial Empowerment


Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research (UPenn)

The Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research (CMHPSR) is one of the centers in the Department of Psychiatry of the Health System, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. The CMHPSR consists of a group of multidisciplinary faculty and staff who research ividuals and programs involved in implementing system change.

Horizon House

Since 1952, Horizon House has been a resource in the community to adults with psychiatric or developmental disabilities, drug and alcohol addictions, and/or homelessness by providing a continuum of services and supports and community resource coordination.

The Scattergood Foundation

The Scattergood Program for the Applied Ethics of Behavioral Healthcare

The Scattergood Program for the Applied Ethics of Behavioral Healthcare (ScattergoodEthics) is based at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania and is dedicated to education, research, and resource development for the field of psychiatric, mental, and behavioral healthcare ethics. The program engages in scholarly research, trains and educates clinicians and scholars in mental and behavioral healthcare ethics, sponsors programs and public events, and promotes and advocates for greater attention to the ethical dimensions of diagnosis and treatment. The ScattergoodEthics Program is funded by a grant from the Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation and the Dean’s Office of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.


Texas Department of State Health Services, Community Mental Health

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