New Article: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Today: An Overview

PsycPicFor families in the maelstrom of mental illness, an ultimate goal is to help their loved ones recover. The best modality for recovery is psychiatric rehabilitation. But many even in the mental health sector still don’t know what psychiatric rehabilitation is.

While many experts  have written volumes on the subject, the pithiest description we have seen appears in a 2006 piece in World Psychiatry entitled Psychiatric Rehabilitation Today: An Overview, by Professor Wulf Rossler of University of Zurich. Rossler explains that  psychiatric rehabilitation is a treatment modality that helps people with severe and persistent mental illness develop emotional, social, and intellectual skills to live, learn, and work in the community with the least amount of professional support.

Rossler also notes that “enabling persons with persistent and serious mental illness to live a normal life in the community causes a shift away from a focus on an illness model towards a model of functional disability. Especially social role functioning–including social relationships, work, and leisure as well as quality of life and family burden–is of major interest for the mentally disabled individuals living in the community.” He goes on to explain the conceptual framework, its current approaches (housing, work, building and keeping relationships, participating in community life), and how its resources are developed.

For any who want to know more about psychiatric rehabilitation, Rossler’s article is an excellent overview. To read Rossler’s article, click here. To see all of PsychOdyssey’s recommended articles, click here.

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