New Article: The OMIG Who Stole Christmas

OMIG is not the internet acronym for the exasperatory “Oh My God!” But for many New York behavioral health agencies, it might as well be. OMIG stands for Office of the Medicaid Inspector General, headed by James G. Sheehan. Mr. Sheehan is striking terror into the hearts of providers. As New York struggles with its budget crisis, suddenly it is becoming The Auditor from Hell in the pursuit of “waste, fraud, and abuse”. What now constitutes “abuse”? Even the most persnickety detail on the most mundane submitted form. If you don’t have all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted, forget about getting Medicaid reimbursement. And if previously accepted paperwork is now found deficient, your agency might be found to owe reimbursements of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This new witch hunt by government apparatchiks may be the sad harbinger of things to come under ObamaCare and cash-strapped state Medicaid programs. The implications for many of the agencies serving disabled loved ones in The System and their family members are chilling. See this important article by Fred Scaglione of the New York Nonprofit Press here. See all PsychOdyssey’s posted articles here.

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