New at “Watch…”: Capitol Ill, from the Treatment Advocacy Center

Treatment Advocacay CenterThe inadequacy of treatment in the public mental health system is the bane of every family navigating the maelstrom of mental illness. The Treatment Advocacy Center, led by renowned American psychiatrist Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, has launched a new media campaign to publicize this disgraceful failure.

The new media campaign is entitled “A Bed Instead“. As part of this campaign, “Capitol Ill” is a new video portraying the horrible consequences of insufficient treatment beds in the public mental health system. The bed shortage resulted aBedInsteadfrom “deinstitutionalization”, a well-intended social movement begun in the 1980s to increase community-based treatment options for loved ones. The move was also intended to eliminate what had become the horrible neglect, abuse, and poor care of mentally ill patients of institutionalized mental health care. Much of this initiative was made possible by the introduction of new psychotropic medications that enabled individuals better to manage psychosis symptoms and thus more easily live in community settings.

But the good intentions have never been fully realized. And they swung to social activism pendulum too much to one side. The outcome has been a woeful shortage of psychiatric hospital treatment  beds for those who critically need them, leading to a tragic increase in the numbers of loved ones with untreated psychiatric disabilities winding up in jails or homeless on the streets.

After their loved ones, family members bear the heaviest burden arising from this unacceptable social policy. See more about this impact  in the trailer below.

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