New Audio Link: Madness Radio

A key lesson from anyone’s psychodyssey is about the need to listen to our loved ones. Their lived experiences are valid and must inform however the loved one and his supportive family members craft recovery. A great challenge for family members, however, is understanding their loved one’s different mental states. PsychOdyssey has discovered a helpful new resource for this: Madness Radio: Voices and Visions From Outside Mental Health, a regular FM show produced through WXOJ-LP in Northampton MA and syndicated through the Pacifica community radio network. The show is also available online and through iTunes. Madness Radio presents voices often marginalized by other media, and takes a critical approach to mental health policy, corporate marketing, and traditional medical science. Each in-depth interview challenges listeners to a new understanding of experiences that are often stereotyped and feared, and encourages reconsideration of how to improve care and truly meet human needs. The show respects all treatment and medication choices people make, while providing an opportunity to hear outsider perspectives and overcome misinformation. According to its producers, Madness Radio is part of the international movement for diverse-ability rights, informed consent, and self-determination, and envisions a community development rather than medical approach to human emotional distress.

Hear Madness Radio and other interesting audio programs at PsychOdyssey’s “Listen…” link here.

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