New Blog: For Shawnel

Shawn Maxam (l) with his late younger brother Shawnel

For Shawnel is a blog by Shawn Maxam, who is bipolar, in memory of his late brother. A New Yorker, Maxam is currently living in Hamilton, NJ, where among other pursuits he is an active volunteer with NAMI Mercer.  As Maxam writes, “The blog’s name is in memory of my brother who was tragically murdered in the summer of 2006. Nine months later I was hospitalized and was subsequently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I want to use this blog as a forum to discuss the truth about mental illness and discredit the misconceptions surrounding this deadly disease. Also as a person of Jamaican descent I believe there is a lack of discussion about mental illness in the Caribbean and Black community. Lastly, as shocking as this may seem men have feelings, too, especially Black men. I want to share my emotional and mental struggles here. Hopefully this will end the wall of silence and destroy the stereotype of the Angry Black Man. This blog is not for me but for anyone who has been depressed, experienced death or tragedy, is affected by mood disorders and mental illness directly or indirectly, had emotional breakdowns or just been stressed the hell out AND made it to the other side.”

See the For Shawnel blog here. See all of PyschOdyssey’s recommended blogs here.

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  1. Shawn Maxam says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing Tom. Much appreciated. Your site is resourceful and useful as well.

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