New Book Review: Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services

“As a family member navigating the maelstrom of a loved one’s serious mental illness, I have become highly attuned to the deficiencies of the public mental health system. As an older executive from banking, business, and nonprofit management now back in graduate school studying the business, management, and economics of mental health services delivery, I am searching for answers to the groaning social question of our time: how can we improve mental health services delivery?

“In my search for the value concept dialogue in mental health, I came across a collection of essays under the promising title, Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services: Cross-Cutting Issues and Methods in the Era of Health Reform. Edited by Jennifer Magnabosco and Ronald Manderscheid, two giants in the human services field, Outcomes first catalogues “overarching issues and methods””…[Read more]


To read the entire review of Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services, click here. To see all of PsychOdyssey’s book reviews, click here.


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