New Book Review: Surviving Schizophrenia

When families must navigate the maelstrom of mental illness, they need so much yet know so little. This is especially true of the world’s most devastating mental illness, schizophrenia. The burdens it imposes on families and society are enormous—to say nothing, of course, of those loved ones whom it afflicts. One of these burdens is acquiring the best information possible in the most expeditious manner from the most authoritative sources amidst the most confounding circumstances. When a family is flailing, there are precious few opportunities to exclaim, “Eureka!” Fortunately, such a chance comes to us (hopefully sooner rather than later in the journey) with E. Fuller Torrey’s definitive Surviving Schizophrenia, a gold mine of useful and sympathetic information for all those who are traumatized by this most tragic, devastating, misunderstood illness. Read PsychOdyssey’s review of this book here. See all of PsychOdyssey’s book reviews here.

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