New Book Review: The Anatomy of Evil

Reading a book called The Anatomy of Evil would be a challenge in any normal time. It is especially trying just now in the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre. But read it we should, so better to think about a critical yet little understood reality that intrudes all too often in the world, as again it did in Newtown. Evil: we must learn to see more clearly what we sadly must sometimes confront.

After the Sandy Hook school massacre, the nation understandably  erupted in a hysterical search for answers. A critical impediment is society’s imprecise understanding about distinction among possible causes of such  violence. To hear some talking heads, there is an inextricable link of such violence to “mental illness” and that there should be a national registry of all  those with mental illness, even though only a very small percentage of those  with biochemically based psychiatric disabilities (like thought and mood  disorders) are ever violent… [Read More…]

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