New Course at PsychOdyssey Academy: Multifamily Groups

PsychOdyssey Academy is pleased to announce a new self-study course: PsychOdyssey 360: Multifamily Groups. Multifamily group treatment (MFGT) is an evidence-based modality for helping individuals and their families navigate the maelstrom of mental illness, particularly schizophrenia. Integrating psychoeducation and behavior family  therapy in a multiple-family group format, multifamily group treatment was first pioneered in the 1960s. Since the 1990s it has evolved with a coherent theoretical model and empirical evidence for its effectiveness.The work of Dr. William McFarlane in particular has greatly contributed to the model’s refinement and acceptance. Every family in the maelstrom should learn about what evidence suggests is one of most effective means for reducing relapses, overcoming social isolation, and resolving problems distinctly associated with severe mental illness.

(Even though the modality in its latest version is now over 15 years old, it is finally getting some dissemination traction. New Jersey’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services has funded a pilot project to establish multifamily groups in three counties, hoping that success in these programs will portend a rollout throughout the state.)

To see the syllabus for PsychOdyssey 360: Multifamily Groups, click here. To see a complete listing of all PsychOdyssey Academy courses, click here.

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