New Film Review: Take These Broken Wings

In his 75 minute documentary, Take These Broken Wings, social worker and filmmaker Daniel Mackler bucks the conventional wisdom about schizophrenia. Cleverly juxtaposing man-on-the-street interviews with testimonies of Catherine Penney and Joanne Greenberg, fully recovered individuals formerly with schizophrenia, and their therapists, Mackler spotlights the vast gulf between negative public perception and informed and hopeful reality. The fiction: schizophrenia is a chronic, debilitating disease which destines sufferers to a pitiful, pathetic existence sustained only by the lifelong ingestion of powerful psychotropic medications. The fact: While one third of those with schizophrenia may diminish over time, two thirds improve. One third improve to a high degree of functionality and enjoy full lives, while the other third—get this—achieve full recoveries so complete as no longer to need or use medications!…

To read the complete review, click here. To see all of PsychOdyssey’s film reviews, click here.

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