New International Link: INTAR

The International Network Toward Alternatives and Recovery gathers prominent survivors, professionals, family members, and advocates from around the world to work together for new clinical and social practices towards emotional distress and what is often labeled as psychosis. Based in leading edge research and successful innovations, INTAR believes the prevailing biomedical overreliance on diagnoses, hospitals, and medications has failed to respect the dignity and autonomy of the person in crisis, and that full recovery must be at the center of ethical care. INTAR promotes alternative settings to hospitals and institutions, so that people in crisis called “schizophrenia” and “bipolar” (as INTAR styles them) can find the care, connectedness, respect, and interventions they need and elect to use. INTAR claims to understand “madness” and extreme states of distress from a social, holistic, and humanistic perspective.

See  INTAR’s website, click here. To see all of PsychOdyssey’s links, click here.

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