New Link: Allen Institute of Brain Science

Today’s Wall Street Journal (April 13, 2011) has a report on an exciting initiative by the Allen Institute of Brain Science in Seattle. Founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the Institute has just posted to the Internet the world’s first interactive “brain atlas”, a research guide to the anatomy and genes that make up the human mind. The powerful new resource will “help understand where and how genes are at work in the brain.” The Institute site looks technically suited for scientists, but family members and the general public will benefit from clicking through its impressive content to learn more about the Institute’s important work. PsychOdyssey also recommends viewing the Institute’s YouTube channel, which includes among many things video presentations on brain science from its 2010 international conference.

Visit the Allen Institute of Brain Science here. See the Wall Street Journal’s article here. Visit the Allen Institute’s YouTube channel here. Visit all PsychOdyssey’s links here.

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