New Link: Alliance for Health Reform

A bipartisan Washington healthcare think tank headed by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the Alliance for Health Reform believes that our country is at the beginning of what promises to be a lengthy period of adjustment to the health reform law, especially since there will be an added, intense focus on reducing federal spending on the Medicare and Medicaid health care programs. This is a period that will see continuing delivery system innovation and more vigorous efforts to prevent disease, improve the quality of care and gain greater value for each health care dollar spent. These changes will occur in ways that reflect, and in some cases go beyond, the changes made in the new law. The Alliance for Health Reform will continue to pursue its mission during this period by:

  • explaining the myriad provisions of the law, and their policy implications;
  • examining how various aspects of the law are being carried out, at both
    federal and state levels;
  • tracking how well the law is achieving its objectives in coverage, cost and
  • looking at proposed changes in the law, as unintended consequences and
    “unfinished business” emerge over time;
  • examining proposals for lowering health care costs generally, including
    federal spending in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and explaining their
    impact on beneficiaries.

To visit the Alliance for Health Care Reform website, click here. To visit all of PsychOdyssey’s national links, click here.

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