New Residential Treatment Resource: Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick is a Chicago-based private, physician-owned and operated psychiatric healthcare organization that provides a full-spectrum, specialized approach to the emotional, psychological and developmental challenges of emerging adults. Yellowbrick recognizes and addresses the unique challenges of the emerging adult population through programs that emphasize multi-specialty evaluation, therapeutic residences, research-based strategies and life-skills interventions.

Yellowbrick has established a clinical philosophy and treatment model, which integrates psycho-neurobiology, developmental psychology and psychotherapy. Psycho-neurobiology focuses on the process of relationships and subsequent development of self-regulation functions. These experiences affect the structural patterning within the brain throughout life. These patterns become organizers for basic survival functions such as the experience of safety, attachment patterns and the capacity to manage emotional life with a balance of initiative, risk assessment and restraint. Yellowbrick applies its philosophy in treatment at Yellowbrick Residence and Supported Apartment programs, as well as outpatient services at the Yellowbrick Consultation & Treatment Center.

To learn more about Yellowbrick, click here. To read about all residential treatment facilities listed in PsychOdyssey’s Research… section, click here.


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