New Resource: Primer on the Psych Rehab Process

As families in the maelstrom of mental illness struggle to navigate, they should know about the concepts of psychiatric rehabilitation, a relatively new professional field that is redefining treatment concepts for mental illness. One of the leading national voices in this field is The Center for Pyschiatric Rehabilitation in Boston. The Center offers a free monograph that all families in the maelstrom should read, called Primer on the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Process. As the Center writes on its website, “The purpose of this Primer is to  describe the complex process of psychiatric rehabilitation in its most straightforward  and parsimonious way, in order to improve the implementation, practice, and  study of psychiatric rehabilitation. To advance the understanding of the  psychiatric rehabilitation process, the Primer strives to make perfectly clear  the major steps of the process. The Primer is composed of three sections:  Understanding the Background and Process of Psychiatric Rehabilitation;  Tracking the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Process; and Recording the Psychiatric  Rehabilitation Process. Several appendices provide examples to further one’s  understanding of the process.”

To view the Primer, click here.

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