New Tab: “Understand…”

Eight Bells (Winslow Homer, American, 1836-1910)

As PsychOdyssey grows, it pulls its plough yet deeper into the soil of knowledge and resources for families navigating the maelstrom. Detailed understanding is the goal. The psychodyssey mariner must know the constellations in the heavens above better to chart the course on the stormy seas below.

Yet there are times, at the beginning and sometimes along the way, where it is better to view not the many clusters of separate stars but the whole night sky instead. Accordingly, PsychOdyssey is pleased to introduce its latest tab, “Understand…” Where it finds simpler resources to explain complicated subjects, PsychOdyssey plans to select and bundle the best together on one page for a quicker overview and, we hope, easier reference and understanding. We start with two “Understand…” subjects: schizophrenia and the U.S. healthcare system. (We’re not sure which is the more complicated…)

To visit PsychOdyssey’s new “Understand…” tab, click here.

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