New Video: Dr. Jeffrey Brenner of Camden Addresses National Governors Association

Dr. Jeffrey Brenner of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers is a pioneering physician who is reforming Medicaid-funded health care in Camden, New Jersey. Using sophisticated “hot-spotting” data analytics more familiar to law enforcement, Brenner has discovered why Medicaid costs in Camden are sky-high. And he is doing something about it. In one of the poorest cities in America, Dr. Brenner is proving that it is possible to reduce Medicaid expenses while improving health care services delivery, even amidst wretched poverty and urban decay, something no one hitherto could imagine.

The rest of the country is taking notice. Recently Dr. Brenner was the guest of the National Governors Association, where he was invited to present the keynote address to its annual conference. His remarks are presented in full below (1 hour). For all families with loved ones receiving care in the public health system, especially those funded by Medicaid, Dr. Brenner’s work is important to know. Dr. Brenner’s success in reforming physical health  care delivery in New Jersey will likely become an exemplar for the integration of physical health care and behavioral health care.


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