New Video: NJN Clip on Hagedorn’s Closing

The State of New Jersey is now scheduled to close Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital, the smallest of State’s four psychiatric hospitals. Last December, PsychOdyssey testified before the Governor’s Commission in favor of the closing, citing psychiatric rehabilitation principles, the available capacity elsewhere in the State hospital system, and the need for a realistic and balanced approach for the overall system in light of the State’s fiscal crisis. (See PsychOdyssey’s testimony here. Also read about PsychOdyssey’s work at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital here.)

But many honorable citizens opposed the closing, citing very understandable and heartfelt personal reasons. With utmost respect for all views, PsychOdyssey is pleased here to post this New Jersey Network news clip about one Hagedorn family’s experience.

There are no easy answers. People of good will can differ on the ways and means of evolving the State’s overall mental health system. But all need to understand and empathize with the difficult lived experience of all loved ones, and their families, in the maelstrom of mental illness.

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