New Video: Stopping the Revolving Door

The Treatment Advocacy Center has just released Stopping The Revolving Door: A Civil Approach to Treating Severe Mental Illness, a 30 minute video about the controversial subject of compulsory outpatient treatment. It is not  comfortable for families to watch, since in some parts it recounts significant heartbreaks like suicide. Yet all families in the maelstrom should watch, since the video offers understanding of what can be the harrowing challenge of  anosognosia. Anosognosia is the lack on insight of one with a psychiatric illness who does not know he is ill, a condition that affects up to 50% of all those with schizophrenia. When anosognosia is present, serious mental illness can become a mega-maelstrom for families. Anosognosia often leads to medications non-compliance which sometimes results in untreated active psychosis and many serious problems like homelessness, violence, and incarceration. In the video three families describe their experiences . TAC Founder Dr. E. Fuller Torrey also explains why he believes strictly supervised court-ordered compulsory outpatient treatment  is the most humane treatment for individuals in such dire straits.

Stopping The Revolving Door has now been added to PsychOdyssey Academy’s course, PsychOdyssey 350: Compulsory  Treatment. See the trailer below. To see the whole 30 minute film, click here. To see the course syllabus, click here.

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