New Video: Types of Psychotherapy

Recently established evidence has demonstrated that a combination of pharmacotherapy (i.e., medications) and psychotheraphy (i.e., talk therapy) to be the most effective treatment for many individuals with serious and persistent mental illness, especially the mood disorders. But there are many forms of psychotherapy. In his very helpful  book, The Story of Psychology, author Morton Hunt cites three sources which estimate psychotherapy varieties today numbering anywhere from 150 to 600! Where to start?

In its open-content general survey psychology course called “Psych 1” at the University of California at Berkeley, Professor John Kihlstrom provides very digestable material for those who might like to audit a decent college level psychology course. Of particular interest to families in the maelstrom considering psychotherapy for loved ones is Kihlstrom’s Lecture 24 on Psychotherapy below. The video is 50 minutes. The topic lecture  begins around 5:00, after the professor concludes an initial five minutes of his class reviewing course administrative details.

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