New at “Laugh…”: David Granirer and Stand Up For Mental Illness

“I have depression. I was shy and withdrawn. Being in large groups scared me. And now here I am, doing stand-up comedy. In front of a live audience of all of you. Who good paid money to come and watch me. And people say that I’m crazy?…” So come the quips from a troupe of veritable crazy comics, all taught and trained by a master who knows the subject well.

The master is David Granirer, a Vancouver consumer, counselor, and… stand-up comic. So he has a mental illness. He’s invented what surely must be a most excellent therapy! Now he teaches others with mental illness in the fine art of stand-up comedy. See David below. Have a peak at his Stand Up for Mental Health website. And then check out his stable of comical colleagues here. This is a great thing!

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