On Capital Hill, VA State Sen. Craig Deeds Vocalizes Family Frustrations Felt Everywhere

In a powerful testimony before Congress, Virginia State Representative Craig Deeds laments the desperate state of the public mental health system and its deleterious effects on families of loved ones in the maelstrom. Senator Deeds is the father of Gus Deeds, a promising son befelled by mental illness. Desperate to get Gus the help he needed, Senator Deeds tried in vain to find an appropriate bed or program to address Gus’ needed. In the end, with nowhere to turn, Gus committed a violent suicide, but not before he slashed his father several times, including across his face. Senator Deeds’ moving words echo the plaintiff pleas of family members everywhere in the maelstrom.

See Senator Deeds brief remarks starting at 3:06:00.

[Thanks to advocate Peter Earley, also a family member, for bringing this to our attention.]

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