Princeton University alumna April McQueen ’93 describes her reframed life with mental illness

Princeton University Alumna April McQueen '93

Princeton University Alumna April McQueen ’93

No one is immune from its devastations. Mental illness is an equal opportunity afflictor. The challenge for its victims is how to reframe life thereafter in face of a new reality. Recovery is a long and hard road. But success awaits the principled and persistent, especially those who also have good family support.

So is the story of Princeton University alumni April McQueen of Atlanta. A graduate of the Princeton Class of 1993, April’s high hopes were laid low by the onset of a severe and persistent mental illness. It struck two weeks before she was to sit for her bar examination to enter her intended legal career. Her career plans blew up. Thereafter she struggled to readjust and reposition. She tried many different jobs. Now she is a library paraprofessional, where the suitable pace and process of her work enables her to live and work through her illness’ symptoms. Family support along the way, she says, was invaluable.

April has redefined her hopes and now embraces her challenges with dignity, persistence, and grace. She is showing the rest of us what recovery truly is: an embodiment of hope, a model of courage and character.

To read and hear how April reframed her life, click here.

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