PsychOdyssey Academy “Founded”; New Courses Offered

As family members in the maelstrom know, experience is a peerless educator. Circumstances have made us–have forced us to become–world-leading experts in the field of coping with mental illness. The subject is vast. It seems fitting that there be an attempt to capsulize and organize such knowledge for others quickly to gather and receive. has thus created a virtual school, PsychOdyssey Academy, to take on this challenge. Its first “course” is PsychOdyssey 101: The System, which details from one family member’s impression of the system which serves individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Today we add a new course, PsychOdyssey 450: Selected Topics in Psychiatric Rehabilitation  . The first topic is “Evidenced Based Practices vs. Value Based Services”. Click here to see the “catalogue” of all the courses at PyschOdyssey Academy.

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