PsychOdyssey Calls For Support of NAMI Mercer

NNAMI MercerAMI Mercer is PsychOdyssey’s local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Today, to mark the beginning of May as Mental Health Awareness Month, PsychOdyssey’s Tom Pyle launched a personal fundraising campaign for NAMI Mercer. Tom dispatched the letter below to many friends and loved ones to encourage all to support one of his favorite charities, NAMI Mercer.

To contribute to Psychodyssey’s appeal for NAMI Mercer’s 2016 Walk, click here. (If prompted for a team search, type “psychodyssey”.)

Text of Tom’s appeal letter:

Psychodyssey's Tom Pyle

PsychOdyssey’s Tom Pyle

Dear Friends of Mine,

I reach out on behalf of an outstanding local group serving a cause and community around Princeton personally critical to me: NAMI Mercer.

Mental illness often shreds families. The vicious vexations that attend mental illness tear families apart. Mental illness often swamps families. The chronic heartbreak, emotional volatility, bureaucratic indifference, system insufficiencies, social isolation, and financial ruination that attend mental illness can plunge families into a swirling maelstrom that often sinks many.

Who can knit such torn families back together? Who can help them navigate the stormy shoals of despair back to ports of hope for their loved ones and themselves? The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

When mental illness besieged my family, NAMI stitched us back together and steered us to critical supports. Through my local Mercer affiliate, NAMI repaired and restored my family from its crisis. Because it so well served me, thus do I so willingly serve NAMI. I am a NAMI Mercer board member, its Advocacy Committee chair, and as a teacher in its award-winning Family to Family education program.

Tom Pyle with NAMI Mercer friends at April 29th NJPAC symposium

Tom Pyle with NAMI Mercer friends at April 29th NJPAC symposium

I frequently speak publicly on its behalf. Last week I was NAMI Mercer’s panelist at a NJ Performing Arts Center symposium for a new play about mental illness. We also partner on special projects. This week, based on a proposal I initiated, Princeton Community Television chose NAMI Mercer to be one of its 2016 Community Partners, to co-produce a documentary about the family experience with mental illness.

For me personally, no cause or civic organization has been more effective, meaningful, and fulfilling than NAMI. It is a peerless provider of essential support services to families and loved ones navigating the maelstrom of mental illness.

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Tomorrow NAMI Mercer kicks off the month with its major annual event, the NAMI Walk. The Walk’s purpose is threefold: raise familiarity, raise friends, and, unabashedly, raise funds.  As one of NAMI Mercer’s 400 member families, tomorrow Molly and I will be out walking with NAMI. At the same time, we two will begin our personal fundraising drive. Our month’s personal goal is to raise $2,500. By month’s end, and by God’s grace, may it become $25,000!

Can you join us? With whatever amount or acknowledgement, please join us to strengthen NAMI Mercer, a critical community resource doing incomparable work on an incontestably challenging issue, a unique civic organization doing so much (as I know personally) for loved ones, their families, and our community navigating the maelstrom of mental illness.

Thank you for your support. With best wishes,

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To respond to Tom’s appeal for NAMI Mercer, click here. (If prompted for a team search, type “psychodyssey”.)

Below is Tom’s previously recorded appeal for NAMI Mercer:

To donate to PsychOdyssey’s campaign for NAMI Mercer, click here.  (If prompted for a team search, type “psychodyssey”.)

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