The Family Survival Handbook

When the crisis comes, there is never enough good information. Fortunately, there is a useful new tool from New York that should be in the hands of any New Yorkers in the maelstrom–and should be of interest to all. Published jointly by the Family Institute for Education, Practice & Research, Mental Health Resources, NAMI New York, and the New York State Office of Mental Health, The Family Survival Handbook is a collection of practical, useful information contributed by over 65 family caregivers from New York City and New York State who have learned from experience how to navigate the public mental health system in New York State. Intended for use by families when a loved one is first diagnosed, admitted to a hospital, and after his/her discharge, this handbook’s purpose is to provide information and resources while guiding users with informative tips. This handbook arms its reader with information about laws, policies, professional guidelines, and resources to make a family’s involvement in its loved one’s recovery dynamic and effective.

To read the Family Survival Handbook, click here.

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