By Aspect of Need

All bearing the burden of cognitive disability manifest an array of needs. Many of these needs are addressed with services offered by various sundry providers with various sundry agencies funded from various sundry sources. Together they all constitute “The System” of mental health services. For a complete description of The System in one state, New Jersey, click here to take PsychOdyssey 101: The System, a 5 minute reading course offered by PsychoOdyssey Academy.

Below are research materials organized by each Aspect of Need as presented in PsychOdyssey 101.



Mental Health Recovery: What Helps and What Hinders? (Onken, S.J., Ridgway, P., Dornan, D.H. & Ralph, R.O. (2002). Mental Health Recovery: What Helps and What Hinders? Washington, DC: National Technical Assistance Center for State Mental Health Planning, 108 pp.



Planning for the financial of a loved one with a serious mental illness can seem like a daunting burden for family members. Get an overview of process from a Merrill Lynch Special Needs Wealth Management website that walks potential customers through the issues. 


Far too many people with mental illness become entangled in the criminal justice system. Click here to see PsychOdyssey’s Legal Aspect of Need resource file.

To assist family members or other individuals who might advocate for a person with a mental illness involved in the criminal justice system, NAMI NJ has prepared a guide, called Finding Our Way, Advocating for People with Mental Illness in the New Jersey Criminal Justice System.  To see Finding Our Way, click here.


Employment for individuals with cognitive disabilities is a critical issue. Evidenced-base practices include supported employment. It is an important component of successful recoveries. Yet it can be a rocky road, especially for those receiving disability support such as SSI, SSDI, and Medicaid. Click here to visit PsychOdyssey’s Occupational Aspect of Need resource file.


Treatment Facilities



Choosing a psychiatrist? How to evaluate one you have? Need specialized treatment? These are among the many questions posed by someone with a psychiatric disability and his family. To see PsychOdyssey’s Psychiatric Aspect of Need resource file, click here.

Treatment Facilities





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