Aspect of Need: Occupational

Ticket to Work is a program of Social Security Administration which assists disabled citizens receiving Federal benefit who want to work (and yet also preserve their benefits). All individuals with cognitive disabilities who receive disability support such as SSI and SSDI should look into this potentially helpful program. To see a slide presentation from a recent webinar offered on this subject, click here .

Supported Employment is one of the evidence-based practices proven to be helpful for the recoveries of individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Supported employment is a person-centered, time-unlimited, team-based, multidisclinary approach. Leading researchers at the IPS Supported Employment Center at the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center has produced 3 playlists of short training video for service providers which explain the each step of the Supported Employment process.  The video playlists (presented sequentially on YouTube) offer families an intimate look at how the Supported Employment process work. 

Introduction to Supported Employment

IPS Supported Employment Skills

IPS Supported Strategies That Work

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