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Gratitude as an Action Plan: Get a Gratitude Attitude! Here’s a refreshing reminder that things are not always so bad, and in fact, even in a maelstrom, can be very good indeed. Carol Bailey Floyd is the director of Programs for Mental Health Recovery and WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan). She is also a Copeland Center WRAP facilitator, trainer, and speaker. (The Copeland Center is named after Mary Ellen Copeland who developed the WRAP approach to recovery.)

The Kim Foundation: Recognizing that no individual is immune to mental illness, no community is left untouched, The Kim Foundation of Omaha, NE, strives to build a united, comprehensive response to assist children, adults, and families in achieving health, healing, and recovery. Working to ensure that no one in need of services is denied them, The Kim Foundation serves as a communication link between individuals, families, and organizations. The Kim Foundation moves to reduce the stigma often associated with seeking mental health care and promotes that with help comes hope.

National Empowerment Center: Led by Dr. Daniel Fisher, a psychiatrist who has schizophrenia, NEC in Lawrence, MA, is a fabulous recourse of positivity for wellness and recovery.

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