State Mental Health Cuts: NAMI’s Latest National Report

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has released its latest report, entitled State Mental Health Crisis: A National Crisis. The report details the status of state government mental health budgets across the country. For loved ones and their family members in most states, it makes for sober reading. California leads the pack in total funds cut, some $587 million. (It is hard to ignore that this figure for just one state’s mental health budget cuts corresponds to one that PsychOdyssey heard on a news show two days ago:  the total “air war” in Libya after just 30 days, with 190 Tomahawk missles each costing $1.4 million, has cost the United States about this same amount!) All family members should take time to dig into this important report, and take action at their state levels. See the NAMI report here. See all PsychOdyssey’s generally recommended reports here.

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