To This Day: Spoken word artist Shane Koyczan on the trauma of bullying

There is increasing interest and evidence in the possibility of trauma as a cause of psychiatric disability, or, more correctly stated, different mental states. Such an explanation seems logical, even as Organized Psychiatry clings to reductionist biogenetic notions of insufficient dopamine and other neurotransmitters. Trauma is an external factor, something caused from the outside. As with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that blow up hum-vees in war. As in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.

Even as in local school yards.  Childhood bullying may take several forms, yet all its forms can leave permanent psychological scars and lead to extraordinary unintended consequences. Shane Kozcyan is a  young Canadian spoken word poet. Although apparently not himself with a psychiatric disability, in this TED talk Cozcyan evocatively dramatizes how the psychological trauma of childhood bullying can scar lives. For families in the maelstrom of mental illness, Kozcyan sparks our awareness and deepens our understanding of such trauma’s lasting effects–and gives us insight into the logical conclusion of trauma as a possible factor in a loved one’s long-term psychological state of mind.

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