yikesSuch is the best possible reaction to continuing examples of stigma against people with psychiatric disabilities. “Groan!…”, “Ugh!…” “C’mon!…”, and “You can’t be serious!…” are other appropriate exasperations that prejudice might rightly provoke. Even stronger reactions might be warranted.

In this new “Yikes!…” section PsychOdyssey catalogues outrages of bias, prejudice, and denigration against any and all with psychiatric disabilities.



April 7, 2015: NJTV characterizes NAMI Mercer Board Member Robert Hedden as “a behavioral health patient”.

October 2, 2015: ABC’s “Modern Family” Mocking of Mentally Ill Draws Protests

February 15, 2015: More Stigma… With Corporate Sponsorship

October 4, 2012: Addressing Mental Health Stigma in Rutgers’ Daily Targum

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