PsychOdyssey TV

TVProduced in association with local community television program producers, PsychOdyssey TV is a 30 minute teach-and-talk TV interview program. Hosted by Tom Pyle, PsychOdyssey TV features experts and others serving all the Aspects of Need of the psychiatrically disabled and their families.

Family Support: Intensive Family Support Services (double program), with Amandalynn Salzman. (PsychOdyssey TV No. 1)

Family Advocacy: National Alliance on Mental Illness, with Sally Osmer. (PsychOdyssey TV No. 2)

The Clubhouse Movement: Peer Social Support for Individuals with SMI, with Robert Stephenson. (PsychOdyssey No. 4)

Electroconvulsive Treatment (“ECT”): Demystifying and Destigmatizing Shock Therapy (double program), with Carol Kivler. Taped on February 15, 2011. (PsychOdyssey TV No. 5)

Series on Evidence-Based Practices in Mental Health

Supported Employment: Job Counseling for Those with Mental Illness (double program), with Denise Higgins. (PsychOdyssey TV No. 3)

Illness Management and Recovery (IMR): teaching people with severe mental illness how to manage their disorder in collaboration with professionals and significant others to achieve personal recovery goals (double program), with Michelle Zechner. Taped on March 9, 2011 and to be posted shortly. (PsychOdyssey TV No. 6)


Series on Housing: Vanquishing the Vexation: Navigating the Housing Question (in development)

A TV series of half-hour educational programs to help families secure suitable, affordable, supportive, and permanent housing for their loved ones with psychiatric disabilities. To be a part of Psychodyssey Academy’s course Psychodyssey 450: Special Topics.


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