PyschOdyssey TV 3: Supported Employment

Denise Higgins, Job Coach, Catholic Charities, Trenton, NJ

Supported Employment is the subject of this program. Addressing this Occupational Aspect of Need will be Ms. Denise Higgins, Job Coach and Employment Specialist in Supported Employment for Catholic Charities in Trenton, New Jersey. Ms. Higgins works closely with counseling staff and clients with psychiatric disabilities and addictions challenges to create wellness recovery plans for finding meaningful employment. A long-time activist experienced in both public sector advocacy and private sector employment counseling, Ms. Higgins brings a comprehensive understanding–and empathy–to the work of helping the disabled to work.

PsychOdyssey TV: Supported Employment, with Denise Higgins of Catholic Charities (part one)

PsychOdyssey TV: Supported Employment, with Denise Higgins of Catholic Charities (part two)

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One Response to PyschOdyssey TV 3: Supported Employment

  1. Amy Lyden says:

    I am a consumer at Catholic Charities, and have been working with Denise for 14 months. Prior to meeting Denise I had not spoken to anyone outside my immediate family in four months, and had been kicked out of numerous treatment programs because I was not responding to treatment.

    During my first meeting with Denise she asked me “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I broke my silence and shared my dream of helping others with mental illness followed by a bunch of reasons why it would never happen. She stopped me and said that I could make it happen.

    Today, a year later, I am definitely not silent. I speak for NAMI’s In Our Own Voice program, and bring Denise’s “Finding Your Purpose” program to groups of consumers at NAMI. I am also an advocate for people with mental illness, or are affected by homelessness. I am in the process of making this my job. I have come a long way because I had great people who believed in me, but most of all, I started to believe in myself.

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